Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Podcast Review: Radio Leo

My Christmas list was short list:

1. Black iPod Nano

I didn't get it. So I complained. Then I saw that the video version was only $100 more. I complained that I didn't have that one. I hinted ever so slightly that I would be pleasantly surprised by a late Christmas gift from my wife. And when I say that I hinted slightly, I mean that I mentioned 20 times a day, and no matter what the topic of discussion was, I would simply slip it in.

I got that black video iPod.

My core reason for having such a device wasn't for the music, it wasn't for the video, it was for the podcasts. You see, I have a few tech podcasts that I listen to fairly religiously in an attempt to understand the tech landscape. My biggest problem was that I had no time to listen to them. My thought was that I could put my monster commute to better use, and listen to them during the trip. So for the last week or so, I have been cruising through my podcast backlog.

One of my favorite podcast hosts is Leo Laporte, ex-host of TechTV's The Screen Screensavers. Currently he is a radio host in California, hosts his own podcast, and is a part of several others. One of his podcasts is called Radio Leo, and it is a rollup of all of his podcasts that are available on the net. Below I are the podcasts that are a part of Radio Leo, not including the ones where he is a guest.

This Week in Tech (TWiT)

Hosted by Leo Laporte and friends (John C. Dvorak, Leo Laporte, Kevin Rose, Patrick Norton, and David Prager). Leo drives the discussion which often leads down unexpected paths. Each of the hosts is a unique contributer to the discussion, especially Dvorak who has an unforgettable personality ("Oh brother!"). The show length is usually about an hour, and is my favorite Radio Leo program.

KFI Tech Guy

This is Leo's radio show program that airs in California. Callers call in with teschnical issues or questions, and Leo trys to answer them. It reminds me of when I worked with technical support for a computer manufacturer. This show isn't for me, but might be interesting for others. The shoe length is usually pretty long, coming in at about 2 hours.

Security Now!

Hosted by Steve Gibson, with Leo playing second chair. Steve doesn't have that "radio" voice, but he has a lot of information to share. So far they have had excellent coverage of various VPN solutions, and a few episodes devoted to the recent Windows Meta File vulnerability (very interesting). This is a great show, with weekly a podcast of about 45 minutes.

Inside the Net

Co-hosted by Amber MacArthur and Leo. In this show they interview the people behind the new and upcoming web sites and applications. Interviewees include Tim Westergren of Pandora Media, Andre Parrie of Protopage, and Chris Messina of Flock. Shows are relatively short, but worthwhile. A good show.

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John Reynolds said...

You are so like me and a lot of other people that are just so hungry for information (podcasts), you have to layer it over a mundane activity (driving) to actually do it. I've been exercising a lot on a treadmill lately and wanted to read papers/articles while i did, but with Running, i couldn't concentrate on the article - so i switched to speed-walking =)

maybe now i'll actually have to check out these podcast thingys