Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Magnatune: An Internet Music Label

First there was the Sony rootkit, then there was the second Sony rootkit. After the Sony debacle there are stories saying that CD's are now shipping with inserts prohibiting copying music onto a PC (or iPod). Has the music industry gone mad? Don't they realize that what they are doing makes it impossible for paying customers to use their product? Fear not, as the big music labels continue to destroy themselves, new Internet based labels are springing up.

The Magnatune sloagan "we are not evil" shows that they have the same opinion of the big labels as I do. I can only hope that their business model is a viable one, and I urge everyone to not only visit their site, but also buy something. I want to see Magnatune succeed, much as I wanted to see Rudy play in the big game.

Some features of Magnatune:

  • Good music. They don't just sign any artist.
  • You can listen to the whole album for free.
  • If you buy, you choose how much to pay, $5-$19.
  • Download lossless wav or mp3 format.
  • Share the music with up to 3 friends.
  • Copy or burn the music for your own use as you wish.
  • Optionally get a CD shipped to you (slight extra fee).
So for as little as $5 you can download the albumn and share it with up to three of your friends. They also specifically state that they will not use any form of copy protection on the CD's that they distribute, and expressly permit the copying of of music onto various devices.

Finally, a music label that isn't evil.

Thanks Magnatune, I'll be doing some shopping with you real soon.

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