Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Countdown to JavaOne 2008 (and Twittering)

This will be my first year going to JavaOne, and I am expecting to have a lot of fun. In creating my schedule I was a little surprised by the number of sessions on scripting languages. I guess I shouldn't be though, there has been a lot of news regarding scripting languages on the JVM in the last year. Here is a sampling of the sessions.

  • JRuby: Why, What, How...Do It Now
  • JavaScript Programming Language: The Language Everybody Loves to Hate
  • Comparing JRuby and Groovy
  • Programming with Functional Objects in Scala

Add to this a strong sampling of JavaFX sessions, Ajax sessions, and a session on Sun's new Fortress language provides a strong sense of what we can expect in the next ten years. Frankly I was hoping that my scripting days were behind me, but it looks like I need to get my hands dirty again. I just wish that there was a JPerl!

By the way, if you didn't notice, I decided to try out this Twitter thingy. I am thinking that I will Twitter from JavaOne in between sessions. Are there any other programmer type Twitterers out there? Anyone else Twittering from JavaOne?


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert. I work for Sun. Here are some resources you may want to know about:

There's a JavaOne Twitter feed at twitter.com/JavaOne2008

Here's a wiki with advice for first-timers at JavaOne: http://wikis.sun.com/display/JavaOne/Tips+for+1st+time+JavaOne+Attendees

This is a URL for a JavaOne group in Facebook (with parties listed!): http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=7363312885

And here's how I found this post, on a blog aggregation site for JavaOne called BlogCentral: http://sun.com/presskits/javaone2008/blogs.jsp

Hope that helps!

Robert Hanson said...

Joanne, many thanks! Those links are exactly what I need.

_ _ said...

Hey Robert, this is Jonathan from JavaOne. It was fun hanging out with you and _____ (forgot his name...damn) at zebulon & the thirsty bear. Say hi to him for me :P


Robert Hanson said...

Yeah, it was a ton of fun. BTW - my email is iamroberthanson at gmail. The other guy was Ian, I can get you his email address if you mail me directly.