Thursday, June 28, 2007

GWT (and me) Unveiled on The Server Side

I did a video interview with Eugene Ciurana of The Server Side web site. In the interview we talked about the benefits of GWT and a little about the contents of GWT in Action.

GWT in Action: TheServerSide Tech Brief

The posting as drummed up some lively conversation. Perhaps the best quote in the comments so far is, "GWT style programming is for cowards". I am not sure how using GWT makes me a coward, perhaps not writing code directly in assembler makes me a coward as well. As the immortal Popeye once said, "I am what I am".


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert, I got your interview on TSS. Would you be interested in talking about GWT to 130-150 Java techies in Cork, Ireland in September this year? it@cork ( is a not for profit organisation for IT professionals in Cork. Please send me a mail if you would like to discuss further.

Eelco Hillenius said...

I didn't even have to guess who made the 'GWT style programming is for cowards' statement.

Congrats with the book btw!

Anonymous said...

The proof is in the pudding. I'm sure the GWT coward will build a much superior application compared to the app built by the JS cowboy.