Thursday, May 24, 2007

Free Chapters from GWT in Action

As part of the promotion for GWT in Action, Manning has released two chapters of the book for free. When Adam and I were asked which chapters we wanted to release, we were in complete agreement.

Chapter 2, "Creating the default application", is a 30 page getting started guide. If you are new to GWT and having some difficulties getting started, this chapter will walk you through it. It covers the tools, the code they generate, and how to set to import the project into your IDE.

Chapter 10, "Communicating with GWT-RPC", is the first of four chapters in the book that cover browser-server communication. This chapter covers the GWT-RPC mechanism in detail, including prerequisite information about asynchronous communication and browser security restrictions.

Adam and I picked these two chapters because we thought that they would provide the most benefit to new developers trying out GWT without them needing to buy the book. Don't misunderstand, we really enjoy book sales, but we also like being able to give away something that is useful to others.

Hopefully more than a few of you will find these chapters useful.


Barbara Gavin said...

Mr. Hanson,
Would love to talk with you about a conference I am organizing.

David said...

Hi Robert,

I purchased the book online several months ago. I would like to have access to the full source code and I can't find it. I see the stuff on Manning's website but after downloading it, it doesn't seem complete. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Robert Hanson said...

David, everything should be there on

The first link is labeled "Source Code". This is the source that we have been releasing throughout the MEAP process.

The second is the "GWT Dashboard Source Code", which contains all of the code from the app posted at It contains some stuff that isn't in the first one, including some stuff that probably isn't in the book.

If you still can't find what you are looking for, let me know what is missing and I will send it along if I have it.

David said...

Thanks Robert, I didn't see the GWT Dashboard link.

Great book!

Robert Hanson said...

Here is the direct link.

mum said...

this book is particulary good an explicit, i love the way you explain. (especially the picture with the way of development of a project with all the stages)
Perhaps a junit chapter would be good in further version.

Robert Hanson said...

Hi Andre, there is a half chapter on JUnit towards the end of the book.

Unknown said...

Hi Robert,

Where is the Errata web page for GWT in Action?

In Listing 11.7, I think the variables inside onSuccess have to all be declared final, but they are not in Listing 11.1.


Robert Hanson said...

rb, I created a new thread on the book forum, feel free to post it there. I did not get a chance yet to check the listing you refereced.

Redhuan D. Oon said...

Like this book alot!. Anyway, just to chip in some cent, Enum constant seems to be in conflict in latest GWT 2.4's RPC, and it is solved by wrapping it from another class. More info if anyone like to know: