Monday, March 26, 2007

A Sample GWT Application: The Dashboard

While Adam and I were writing GWT in Action, we generated a lot of mini-applications that were used as examples throughout the book. At some point it was decided that we wanted to tie all of the apps together, forming one large mega-app, that would add some continuity throughout the book. We call it the "Dashboard", and we hope it will be a useful concept to everyone that reads the book.

Manning has been nice enough to allow us to host the sample application on their site, giving you a sort of interactive preview to what you can expect in the book.

Some of the Dashboard components include color picker, clock, Google search, video search, calculator, slideshow, server status, and others. Some concepts include JSON proxy to the Yahoo Search API, creating Flash-based components, populating menus from external XML, drag-and-drop, trapping image load errors, and others.

Some of the source for the Dashboard application has already trickled onto the GWT in Action book page and sometime soon the entire application will be available for download. We hope that you find both the sample application and source code useful.


Anonymous said...


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Unknown said...

I was impressed by your site. You have really worked Hard to make this.

Anonymous said...

I played with "Dashboard" a little bit. Looks nice. The feature I missed was the ablility to close the items on the dashboard.
I ordered the book, I hope it will be ready soon:O).

Robert Hanson said...

> I ordered the book, I hope
> it will be ready soon:O)

Yes, it will be off to the printer in less than two weeks. I am not sure how long it takes to print and ship after that though.

After the book goes to the printer I am not sure what I will do with myself... I am not used to having any free time :)