Sunday, May 21, 2006

Arggg... Blogger!

I have a simple request for Blogger, Wordpress, and other blog providers. When I edit the HTML for an entry, don't modify it!

Both of these services will alter your HTML after you save it. This causes a problem for example, when you want to post code in a <textarea> tag. In Blogger it will place a <br> tag after each newline in the entry, and fills your textarea with line break tags. In Wordpress it just places all of the content in the textarea on one line.

Tthe funny thing is that one of my blogs uses a four year olf version of Movable Type, which has no WYSIWYG editor, but DOES NOT alter my HTML code.

To both of these blog providers I ask, please don't touch my HTML!


Anonymous said...

I agree. It's less painful to just cut the entire post, then paste the entire thing in again (as HTML of course) from my own editor. I've also nuked/resent entire posts because it's easier that way, but obviously this isn't practical in all situations.

Dipesh Khakhkhar said...


I would like to suppress those characters in text area.

How did you get rid of those unwanted <br> tags from text area? (I have put less than here, do i need to do the same for embedding my code in my blog)

Hope to hear from you.

Thank you.

Robert Hanson said...

> How did you get rid of those
> unwanted <br> tags from
> text area?

That was my point... you can't get rid of them (unless that changed something).

Anonymous said...

Sucks doesn't it... & gets changed to &...etc.

Stupid blogs!

Anonymous said...

I meant &amp;

Anonymous said...
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