Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Favorite Tech Podcasts

A coworker was talking about a tech podcast he is listening to, and asked if I knew of any other podcasts that I would recommend. The following is my short list, in no particular order.

Boag World

Two Brits going on about web development and maintenance. Hosted by Paul Boag, and his side-kick Marcus. The discussion is entertaining and informative. On occasion coworkers from his employer, Headscape, will join in the discussion.

This Week in Tech

Hosted by Leo Laporte, of Screen Savers fame, and his cronies. The posse includes Patrick Norton of Digital Life TV, Kevin Rose of Digg.com, John C. Dvorak of PC Magazine, and others. These high-profile attract high-profile guests, like Steve Wozniak and Kevin Mitnick. A very entertaining bunch discussing the technology news for the week.

The Java Posse

Hosted by Dick Wall of NewEnergy Associates, Carl Quinn of Google, Tor Norbye of Sun, and Joe Nuxoll of Apple. If you want to know what is happening in Java today, this is the best place to start. Great guests and great discussion.

Inside the Net

Hosted by Amber MacArthur and Leo Laporte. They interview the people behind popular new sites and services. Interviews include the minds behind Firefox, PodBop, Pandora, Newsvine, and many others.

Web 2.0 Show

A podcast about the people behind Web 2.0 technologies. Interviewees include Ryan Carson (Carson Systems), Dan Cederholm (designer), Jason Fried (37 Signals), Jason Calacanis (Weblogs, Inc.), Kevin Rose (Digg.com), and others.

Honorable Mention

Software Engineering Radio - Hard-core software engineering.

Zdot - A real developer talking about real problems and solutions.


John Reynolds said...

Thanks again for this. Configuring my itunes was really low on my priority list for months but I finally had enough of hearing about all these great podcasts, and i'm listening to a lot of really good ones now. thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...
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