Thursday, February 09, 2006

Programmer's Cookbook and An Apology

Programmer's Cookbook

I was thinking about all of those snippets of code that I often collect, as I expect that most other programmers do as well. I wanted to start posting them here on this blog, but I decided to instead start a second blog specifically for these types of entries. The new blog is called Programmer's Cookbook, and I hope that it will be useful resource as it starts to fill out.

An Apology

A week or so ago I was listening to a podcast on the way to work called Boagworld, a rather funny podcast about building and maintaining websites, hosted by two Brits. In their last episode, #21 Working with web stats they discussed among other things Google Analytics and AJAX. I am very familiar with both, and had issues with some of the information they were providing. When I got to work I sent off an email to Paul Boag, one of the hosts, and expressed my concerns. In this week's episode #22 How your website sells, I was very surprised when he started discussing my email and expressed his apology for the misleading information.

Anyway, Boagworld is not only informational, but is also very entertaining. I strongly recommend listening, especially if you are interested in overall site development from both a design and marketing perspective.

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