Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Review: Web 2.0 Show (podcast)

I think Jason Calacanis, CEO of Weblogs, Inc, said it best in an episode of the Web 2.0 Show, "Can I ask you a question, who the heck are you guys?".

Josh Owens of Fairfield Ohio and Chris Saylor of Miami grew up together in the outskirts of Cincinnati, playing LAN games. Now they are the hosts of the Web 2.0 show. Nobody knew who they were, but now they are being noticed all because they decided to do a podcast about new trends in the industry.

Don't let the Web 2.0 name fool you, the show isn't about fluff. In fact they were talking about changing the name, but decided to keep it. Regarding this Chris said, "I wouldn’t want to be responsible for a mass suicide among the tech pundits because they ran out of material."

Thus far their guests have included:

  • Jason Fried - 37 Signals
  • Tara Hunt - Chief Blogger, Riya
  • Jason Calacanis - CEO Weblogs, Inc.
  • Jeff Barr - Web Services Evangelist, Amazon
  • Chris Messina - Flock
  • Kevin Rose -
  • Om Malik - Writer (Red Herring, Forbes Online, others)
I found this one on iTunes when I was browsing for good tech podcasts, and this one came up because of the show's name. When I first listened to one of the shows I wasn't impressed. It sounded like two guys that don't have the "broadcasting voice", the stumbled, and the sound quality wasn't that good. But somehow they were attracting really good guests.

After listening to a few more I started to appreciate it. They ask good questions, and the interviews are quite informitive and interesting. For example, I leanred that Weblogs, Inc has bloggers on their staff that have posted in excess of 2000 entries (...and I thought I was on a roll with just short of 50 entries). And as the episodes progress the quality of the production is getting better.

My recommended episodes thus far are #7 Jason Calacanis, and #9 Jason Fried.


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