Friday, December 16, 2005

A Short Update

I have fallen off my pace of roughly 5 entries a week due to a extraordinarily hectic past few weeks. The holidays are here which didn't help, but primarily the cause was a large project at work that has finally launched. So hopefully I can find my groove again, and get back to the pace that I was at.

Some Topic Ideas

A reader of the entry "Build Your Own Personalized Google Page" suggested that I write an article on transparently persisting changes that occur in the browser, such as dragging and dropping widgets. Not a bad idea.

It also looks like my entry "Prototype.js : PeriodicalExecuter" gets a large proportion of my traffic. In writing that entry I felt that the PeriodicalExecuter was severly underpowered compared to rest of the Prototype library. My thought was that I could create a better mouse trap, and write an article on using it. To me it just seems that there should be methods to stop, restart, and possibly change the execution rate.

It has been several weeks since the launch of Google Analytics, and I think it may be good to revisit this and see how Google is doing now after a rocky start. I will also share some of my reports, including the Geo Map Overlay that shows you where your traffic is comming from (Hello to all my readers from Turkey, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, Japan, and everywhere else!).

If you have other ideas, please comment, and I'll see what I can do.

Thanks for reading.

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