Thursday, November 24, 2005

Google Analytics Service Announcement

For those lucky enough to have a Google Analytics account, then you should have recieved an email from Google explaining what happened, and what they are doing to fix it. For those without an account, yet still trying to get one, let me post some of the contents here.

Disclaimer: I am a big fan of Google, so I'm not tring to bash them, I'm just trying to inform. After all, I will be posting this on a free Google blog, and I recieved the email via my free Google email account, and it likely that you are finding this post via the free Google search. So thanks Google.

Now, the news.

First, due to extremely high demand, we've temporarily limited the number of new signups as we increase capacity. This allows us to focus on our primary objective--to provide a great user experience for our existing users.

Looks like those without an account will need to wait just a little longer.

The 'Check Status' button is being reworked to check for properly installed tracking code. This should be fixed by the end of November.

This only affects users that have an account, as it seems that Google Analytics launched with some broken functionality.

The '+Add Profile' link has been temporarily removed until we increase capacity. We'll alert all current users when the feature is restored.

Again, this is only for those that already have an account. This basically says that we won't be able to track any addition sites. At this time, I am currently tracking four sites, including this blog.

While we increase capacity, you may see longer than normal delays in data showing up in your reports. All data continues to be collected and no data has been lost.

If you have an account, and have been wathing your data slowlt come in, this is no surprise. The tool states that data reporting is delayed 12 hours, but in practice this is currently around the 30 hour mark.

So, the only news is that Google is letting us know that there is a problem, but really hasn't given us any idea when it might be fixed.

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Google has just started sending out invitations to those who have left their mail address.
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